Citadels need some changes


Actualy you can put a citadel and they run online forever. No mater if you no longer play the game thw citadel stay online forever until some one decide to put it down. In a orrible mechanic of 3 days eviction. For put a down a 1b Astraus.

This is really op. Especialy in wormhole you can find a Astraus in each worm hole. And people no need care about it. If some one try to put down it they have 3 days to defense or save the loot.

Also the 3 days cicle to put it down is orrible in terms of eviction. Give so much time to 3 parties groups to scout your eviction and just steal it in the last timer.
We miss the old poses eviction mechanics with the max 24 hours to complete a eviction.
72 hours for a 1b straus is so much.
Maibe Astraus have to get just 1 timer. Fortizar/Astraus 2 timers