Citadel Repair Timers, my Idea on how to improve on them

I’ve brought this up with the CSM and a couple members liked the core Idea. So I propose that a Citadel has 2 operational modes DURING a reinforcement timer, which would be pre-set by the owner, this could either be an option in the reinforcement time table or a new passive service module added to the fit.

[Repair Mode] Would be a 15 minute repair timer however all offensive modules will not be functional during repair mode, this would force the owner to organise it’s own defence fleet so allow the Citadel to repair itself.

[Defence Mode] Would be a 30 minuite (or longer) timer, however all offensive modules will be functional during repair time. This would allow the owner to weaponize the citadel and aid in its defence.

The reason for this is mostly to address people concerns about “citadel too stronk” Lore wise this could be played out as "Diverting power to / from the repair system.

The reason I believe this will work is right now survival rates of an anchoring Citadel is quiet low because there is no fittings to be taken into account so that should reflect a fast timer, the current 15 minutes I would consider fast. But a weaponized Citadel is a higher survival rates because the fact it is armed so having a longer repair window to attack may lower their survival rates which is the intended goal here.

Right now TiDi is a problem for 15 minutes windows and a citadel being armed so this or a variant of this idea might actually be solid base to improve repair timers.

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