2018 change citadel mechanics pls

Change Citadel Mechanic Soon. alliances die and citadels still there with this annoying mechanic. Let us destroy big pixels in a more easy way, more wars, more content, more capital pvp, less ratting, more fun.

You wanna fix isk prices? let us make wars. and conquering by force like old times. Belive me people will buy more plex.

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calm down and play eve.

ffs they already announced before they are changing the vul windows so its no longer a 1 week wait to pop a citadel, to 2 24 hour windows.

impatient people are not made for this game.


You again …

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I am the voice of the lost, the avenger of hope, the light in the corners of null, the choosen one to confront the shadow and the jovians.

Im here to make this game great again. I have no fear to speak the truth, Becouse we love you and your team and we want EVE ONLINE 10 YEARS MORE.

Google Upwell 2.0 from Eve Vegas presentation.
As said above, it’s already in the works.

Did you read the changes?
I mean we need to change it totally. No more retarded timers or vulnerability windows, or come back tomorrow to kill the other half nerd!.

Why? the meta alpha sanbox created with “intention” just dont let us play “eve online”. (we know why) The big deal was: Create a super new mineral, announce, put it in a corner, an let big alliances kill each other. ( you can put it in delve and make goons dissapear xD)

This show, that people behind this changes (some retarded low/high sec CSM and CCP some new staff ) never play big in eve.

This mechanic made the game unplayable at point that new corps trying to have a system, just cant play for motths and big alliances just permacamp. ( and is for free :wink: )
I know there is plenty commenter in this forums wich have no idea about end game mechanic, we know CCP just dont listen the player database and CSM are choosed by marketing criteria.

Citadel invulnerablity system has been alive for months and is killing the game.

Define “end game”.

–Curious Gadget

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