Citadel reinforcement time change - 1 month wait. Seems a bit long?

Is it really necessary that it takes 1 month to change the reinforcement time on a structure? You can completely unanchor in 1 week. Seems weird.

But beyond that it’s just a ridiculous amount of time to have to wait to change the reinforcement time. Isn’t a week, or 2 weeks at max is enough? You can destroy a citadel entirely from start to finish in a week. A month to change the reinforcement time is absurd.

Also, if when placing your citadel for the first time you forget to set the reinforce time to one of your choice, or you don’t realise you should have done it, you’re stuck with that choice for a month. Not even a grace period to change it again before it finishes anchoring. Seems unnecessarily harsh.

Also painful when local time changes to summer time or back and citadel clocks continue running on UTC…

Why? It’s not like you don’t know when daylight savings starts or ends. Just set the change in advance.

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So your complaint is there’s no daylight savings time in space XD


I believe there are people in this world who know exactly day and month when time in RL is changed to summer time and back.

I’m not such person. All my devices switch automatically and as the change is done during the weekend it is just longer or shorter sleep.

Also as @Galaxy_Raid mentioned so there is no daylight savings time in space… it would be more than enough to be able to set timer and timezone. Because timers are not for in-game world but for RL people and their RL schedules.

Having to remember to do it in game with month of advance is of course doable but painful and the consequence of having timer set at wrong hour for a whole month with timer window now extended to 6 hours is harsh.

It’s twice a year. Put it in your calender. There is even an in game calender with notifications. It’s not hard. Some organisation skills should be rewarded in EVE.

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I’m not quite sure what the rationale for the extended wait is, or what shenanigans a shorter time enables. Other than daylight saving time, there are sudden changes in available hours due to changing jobs, receiving a promotion, or otherwise having your responsibilities changed. This can make it hard for a key member to be available if you’re running with a small or tight knit outfit.

I’m not against harshness for the overall sake of game health, but the justification for why such a lengthy interval is necessary or beneficial has not been explained to me. If the structure is under assault, the change could be delayed until it is fully repaired. If the timer is set willy nilly to confuse attackers after they probe for the timer, a charge-use system where you have to wait a month after changing your timer to recover your ability to do so again seems like it would be superior in preventing abuse while leaving room for legitimate use.

It looks like this long interval punishes players for having responsibilities that are subject to occasional change on short notice by denying them the ability to participate in their own defense. If it has to be that way, fine, but I would like to know what is gained that is worth the inconvenience the policy imposes.


Google is your friend.

Sure, but if you make it short, it would punish the attackers who have responsibilities that are subject to occasional change. Either way, someone suffers.

The thing is, it’s always been more beneficial to defend rather than attack. You have, after all a citadel where you can dock, reship, repair and undock right back into the fight, not to mention the power of the citadel itself. So if the defenders are the ones having the advantage, then it only makes sense that the attackers get some sort of advantage too in the form of being able to plan their attack with better leeway.

Do attackers really need a month for this? It takes a week to destroy a citadel from start to finish. Making people wait 1 month real time to change the reinforcement time is absurd.

I think it’s way too simplistic. For starters, if you’re not at war, you shouldn’t have to wait a month, it should be much shorter, 1 week would be sufficient. If in low or null this could be 2 weeks since war is not required anyway. Secondly, if you’ve only just placed the citadel and it hasn’t finished anchoring yet, you should be able to edit the reinforcement time freely until anchoring completes. Finally, even if you’re at war, it should be 2 weeks maximum to change the timer.

Since its advantageous for defenders, I dont think a month is too unfair.

What sort of life are you leading that you would need to change the timer every week? That sounds more absurd, that the majority or even a good chunk of players would need to be able to change the timer every week because their real life restrictions keep changing.

That all seems completely arbitrary and unnecessary.

Arbitrary and unnecessary. Sounds like you’re describing a 1 month delay that it takes to make a simple change to the reinforcement time period of your citadel.

They already changed it to be set within a 6 hour window. You can no longer set the day either. And all stages from beginning to destruction take only 1 week now. There’s no need to keep this ridiculous 1 month wait just to change the reinforcement time.

You can unanchor a citadel and remove it entirely in a week. Why should it take FOUR times longer just to edit the reinforcement time? Tell me, if it took 2 weeks for reinforcement time edits to take place, would that really be too much for attackers to bare?

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