Cancel. skill extraction in progress

Hi All

I am selling my long time pvp character. I am downsizing to 1 character.

Skole is very well rounded sub cap focused character but has all skills injected for all races of carriers/dreads and cap module skills-

Skole has almost 10bil in implant sets -
-HG crystal/slaves
-MG snakes/crystals/halos

Machariel Angel’s Hex SKIN (Permanent) (1.45bil jita)
Revelation Sarum SKIN (Permanent) (1.4bil jita)
Hurricane Sebiestor SKIN (Permanent) (150mil jita)
Hurricane Cordite Blossom SKIN (Permanent) (200mil jita)
Federation Navy Comet Police SKIN (Permanent) (90mil jita)
Caracal Headhunter SKIN (Permanent) (70mil jita)

115bil Minimum bid set by skill extraction profit. any offers under will not be considered
125bil BO

-positive wallet

all ccp rules apply to this sale




95 bil

i will profit around 115bil from just extracting skills and having a 5mil sp character with 10bil implants and 3bil skins left to sell. that is why 115bil is the minimum bid. any offers below 115bil will not be considered

to the top

105 is best i can do. Ill just leave my bid here in case you change your mind


How much USD would it cost to buy the plex for this?

thousand over of USD probably over 35k plex

At the buyout price of 130b, given $100 buys 2,860 PLEX and a PLEX value of 3.25m ISK, you’re looking at about $1,400.

bump… buyout lowered to 125bil… pilot has 127 mil sp / 10 bil in implants / 3 bil in ship skins

108 bil

any offers under the minimum bid will not be considered

hi if you extract it and leave it with scaning and loki skills i can buy it

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