Sold delete pls

Looking to sell this character if i see an offer i like this is a 95% Maxed HEL Pilot.

HEL Headhunter Skin 3B

HG Ascendacy Set
Genolution Set

Maxed Fighter Skills
Maxed Passive Tank
Maxed DPS
Maxed Navigation
Caldari/Amarr carrier also injected

Confirm for sale

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I can offer 30b

i am looking for quite a bit more


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I can offer 35b

looking for at LEAST 45b

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Can offer 35.5B

  • Your Extraction Value is 33.6B which gives you a profit.

i do not plan to sell to extractors, this character has good implants and a decent skill set i am willing to wait a month or 2 please no low ball offers

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