WTS Focused HEL Pilot 46m SP taking offers

(Stefy voltere) #1

Looking to sell myself if i see an offer i like i am a 95% Maxed HEL Pilot.


Positive wallet
Positive sec
Will be in Jita in NPC corp for transfer
Yearly remap in 1 month + 1 bonus remap
250k unalocated SP

HEL Headhunter Skin https://evepraisal.com/a/lmqfv

HG Ascendacy Set https://evepraisal.com/a/lmpnl
Genolution Set https://evepraisal.com/a/lmppe
All implants sets will be in low sec NPC for transfer

Maxed Fighter Skills
Maxed Passive Tank
Maxed DPS
Maxed Navigation
Caldari/Amarr carrier also injected

:parrotbeer: Bring Out Your Toons! Buying Characters Now!
(Stefy voltere) #2

to the top

(DarkBlossom) #3


(Stefy voltere) #4

i hoped for a bit more than that in all honesty but its a start i guess. thanks for offer

(DarkBlossom) #5

45b b/o

(Stefy voltere) #6

Check your ingame mail, ive messaged you from my main.

(Stefy voltere) #7

still for sale

(Melanholia Semah) #8

43b is my offer isk ready

(Stefy voltere) #9

Looking for 50b.

(Stefy voltere) #10

still available

(Orenna) #11

@Stefy_voltere Is this chaaracter still for sale?