Wts 79mil sp all races battlecruiser and below pilot

Hi All

I am selling my long time pvp character. I am downsizing to 1 character.

Skole is very well rounded sub battleship focused character but has all skills injected for all races of ships and skills up to and including carriers/dreads and cap module skills- https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Skolelinux

Skole has over 9 bil in implant sets - https://evepraisal.com/a/kn20u
-HG crystal/slaves
-MG snakes/crystals/halos

Machariel Angel’s Hex SKIN (Permanent) (1.45bil jita)
Revelation Sarum SKIN (Permanent) (1.4bil jita)
Hurricane Sebiestor SKIN (Permanent) (150mil jita)
Hurricane Cordite Blossom SKIN (Permanent) (200mil jita)
Federation Navy Comet Police SKIN (Permanent) (90mil jita)
Caracal Headhunter SKIN (Permanent) (70mil jita)

price is 80bil for 79.6mil sp + over 10 bil implants + skins

no killrights
bunch of jump clones with implants shown above
positive wallet

thought you were extracting this toon…too muck work? :wink:

its not to much work at all… probably the easiest thing in eve to do… i already extracted 100 injectors… id like to pass on a useful character to someone that would get some enjoyment out of it rather then just extract it to a husk. like everyone seems to want to do


to the top


to the top.


buyout lowered to 80bil

to the top…

No kill rights? I offer 65 billion

no killrights. offer to low. i make more off skill extracting character to a 5mil husk

I raise my offer to 70 billion

sorry still to low. Postponing sale for 9 days as I am going away for work (returning Jan 28th). bids are welcome but no action on my part until im back. Will most likely accept highest offer when i return

75 billion is all I have got and it’s my final offer I hope you can accept it

if you can make 79 bil i will sell to you right now. I have to head to airport in 3 hours

Make it 77bil and will sell some plex for the rest money

no sorry. 79bil. if not that is fine i will continue to sell when i get back in 9 days. I leave for airport in 1 hr. so if you agree 79bil then we got 30 mins to do this

Fine wait me 10 minuets to raise money for the trade

ok once you have the isk make an official buyout post of 79bil that i can accept