< canceled > will not be selling

Recently got back into EVE with my fiance and started a new character. Considering selling my old one to help fund both of us and maybe buy skill injectors to give our characters a little boost. Originally figured I’d just extract skills from my old char and inject into the new, but it seems that would be extraordinarily expensive to do.

The character has a jump clone in null-sec (MN5N-X VII - Moon 5 - Archangels Assembly Plant), and is located in Jita. It has no kill rights.

Would like to find out how much this char would be worth – and if the money’s right, perhaps sell it.

Skills: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Shing_Jey

i offer 23 bill

Noted. Will consider.

Bump. Any other offers or even just price estimates?

One last bump.

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