No longer for sale

I am for sale. I have 38 million skill points, every skill in the scanning group maxed out for amazing exploration and pvp hunting potential, and have some very nice standings with reputable organizations.

I am for sale for 36 billion ISK.

I can be found here:

  1. Wallet balance.
    Positive wallet balance is maintained.

  2. Kill rights
    No kill rights on me.

  3. Jump clones
    I have 3 Jump Clones: 1 High Sec, 1 Low Sec, 1 Non-Sov Null Sec

  4. Character location.
    I am sitting in Jita 4-4

My Standings of Note:
6.68 Sisters of EVE
6.92 Trust Partners
7.99 Caldari Navy
5.44 Brutor Tribe

Thank you for reading.

32b offered

Thank you! Let’s see if we can get any other bids in the next few hours. If not I’ll accept your bid.

No longer for sale


Going to skill her up for a while and resell. She’s not going to fetch what I want right now.

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