No longer for sale


Looking to sell me. Check me out here:

51.8 mil perfect rorq toon / mining booster
Has full set of improved learning implants, ore mining director link located in jita 4-4 (plugged in)
1 jump clone in high sec
Positive wallet
Neutral standings with all factions (with exception of -1.53 blood raider and -0.02 gurista)
No kill rights
eve skillboard may show in corp atm but at time of posting in NPC corp

Feel free to me a message in game or eve mail if I’m unavailable/unable to respond if you have any questions or send straight up offer below


EDIT: Eve Skillboard link

34Bil ISK ready

sorry that’s even less than extraction.

37b ready

38b offer

no thanks

sorry not enough, thanks for offer

no decent offers. going to skill extract

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