(Goofy Goose) #1

All CCP rules apply
I will pay transfer
Positive standings
Positive wallet

Skills were extracted from this toon so lots of injected skill books injected.

Starting bid- 3bil ( I won’t go lower than this )
B/O - Reasonable offers will be considered.

(Goofy Goose) #2

Still for sale

(Goofy Goose) #3

Still for sale

(Goofy Goose) #4

bump :worried:

(Goofy Goose) #6

Still for sale

(Elaria Luna) #7


(Goofy Goose) #8

If this is the highest offer in 24 hrs time I will accept it.

(Goofy Goose) #9

I have decided to take the toon of the market. 3 bil imo is really not worth it. Thanks though for the interest.

(system) #10

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