[Cancelled] 36 mill SP Leshak, Machariel, Vargur, Hawk pilot

Want to sell Eldo Raven

Character is in High Sec, NPC corp, no kill rights, 1 high sec jump clone with some +5 implants and positive wallet balance

He can fly a Vargur with marauder 5
Has precursor batleship 5
Gunnery support skills 5
Decent missile and engineering skills

Just to get the low ball offer out of the way, extracting this character will give me 25.5 bill, the transfer fee is $20 which will give me 1.5 bill in plex. So, no need to offer less than 27 bill.

Starting bid 27 bill
Buy out 30 bill

I reserve the right to cancel this sale at any time

24B B/O

Low ball offers: 1
Thinking about selling: 0

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27B offer

Thanks for the bid

Bump for the day

Planning on selling this weekend if the price is highter then the market value.

Still looking for more offers

Didn’t find a offer that will make me pay for the transfer cost, sale cancelled

If the sale isn’t cancelled, 28.5B offer

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