WTS 20M SP Machariel/Loki Pilot [SOLD]

Hi guys,

I’m selling this character - Skills

  • Positive wallet & security status
  • No kill rights
  • Located in Jita4-4
  • NPC Corp and ready for transfer
  • Very Good faction standings with Amarr (7.2) and Caldari (6.5), he can run lev 4 missions for Thukker Tribe
  • Angel’s Hex Skin
  • Remap available

Starting Bid: 18 Bill
B/O: 22 Bill

18 bil

Tnx for bid! I’m looking for a fast sale(this weekend) B/O lowered to 22 bil.

Wrote a mail to you in game. I too would like to close this deal within the weekend :wink:

22B B/O.

ISK and Account Info have been supplied. Please confirm

ISK and Account Info received. Character is sold to Achiwo. I will start the transfer shortly.

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