[CANCELLED FOR NOW][WTS 17m SP Char with Good Sub-BS Skill and No Employment History]

Location: Academy Station(never undocked)
Wallet: Positive
Kill Rights: No
Jump Clones: No

Good looking, good name, good basic skills and no employment history. Buy him and he is 100% yours!


I don’t check in game mail please reply in this thread.

Bid Start: 12B
B/O: 14B


I can offer 6.5B

since toon has no usable purpose no weapon skills no t2o3 ships trained i think my bid 7,5 is very fair

i bid 7,5

I bid 9b

9B accepted. my account status is alpha but according to this page Character Transfer – EVE Online
, I believe characters should be able to be transfered from it. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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