Cancelled. I’ll park her

For sale - Almost 169m SP’s

New auction since the last one derailed with no buyer.

*pos wallet
*no kill rights
*FourJump Clones (w/some implants)
*char located in Hi-Sec

Auction, starts at 140b B/O 155B

I bid 50bil Bob.

Increase it to 150b and you have a deal.

135 bil

TxivYawg1, you won the last auction on this toon at 150.5b then never responded or paid. Not trying to be rude, but I just want to make sure you are going to go through with the purchase if you win this one.

dude, you waited so long that the market has changed… don’t wait for eternity if you really wanna sell… price will only continue to go south if you keep waiting… not joking

Okay. The auction was three days long. Ended Friday night. You bid on it Friday morning and I announced you win Friday night as advertised. Did not realize the market tanked in just a few hours.

But I do understand that markets are volatile and change. Just give me the courtesy of telling me next time. No harm no foul. It’s a learning experience.

well, if you wanna sell now, i can send you 135 bil

I appreciate the offer. I’ll just park her I guess. Not used to this new market and don’t need the isk that bad. Didn’t want to see her go to waste but I’ll hold on for a bit. Thanks anyway.

good luck

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