Make JF hauling great again!

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bring your cargo to us

the spice must flow!

I bet this is the week that CCP announces the CSM election

Now here is a politician with a vision. A real hero of the people. Im in.

Thanks! And my mission is to get your cargo moved fast, reliable…and with your help in the upcoming CSM election, soon it’s FREE! GHSOL’s flat rate rates have always been cheapest in most situations, but who can beat free?

Come to channel GHSOL for details!

VOTE FOR HAULER WHO CARES ABOUT EVE. Been back and forth to the game for many years and one constant beaconBoy.

CSM campaigning starts real soon…but you can get started today by creating that GHSOL contract so you’re all set up for FREE SHIPPING in Sept when I win.

Are you excited? I’m excited!

Soon…very soon.

application in

Still waiting on application approval

After months of anticipation and lots of advertising about FREE SHIPPING, I’m withdrawing from the CSM election. Some might claim this was all a ploy, but I’m here to clearly explain what has led to this turn of events.

Back in Mar/Apr, CCP introduce the T2 dread with lances that could immobilize a jump freighter even in warp (much like a smart bomb’s AoE but most importantly it stops gating through into high sec). In early July, these lancers started appearing on grid in the low sec systems all around Jita where JFs make entry in high sec.

In the last few weeks, gankers have become good at projecting this threat forcing JFs to use citadel(s) close to gates. My courier corp has run a trial using this counter with sufficient success, BUT what once was dozens of entry points to get your cargo to Jita is now reduced to a couple systems where citadels are maintained at great expense. And a predictable JF gets hunted in high sec even if the T2 dread isn’t doing the ganking.

So the core promise of FREE SHIPPING going forward into 2024 may not be delivered on due to these changing circumstances. My campaign has other campaign promises, but they involve CCP and aren’t under purely my control to deliver like FREE SHIPPING would be.

I wish circumstances were different but in good conscience I cannot proceed ,and I’ve withdrawn my CSM application. Perhaps one of the other CSM candidates will add hauler’s interest in T2 dreads, contracting, triple wrapping and a hauler’s campaign to their platform. But sadly, you the voter won’t get FREE SHIPPING, because another CSM candidate can certainly promise it…they just can’t deliver on it.

As a side note, after almost ten continuous years, GHSOL is ceasing operations. I hope CCP decides to make changes sooner than later so that JF hauling is viable again. We’d certainly reopen GHSOL if this were the case, but CCP is not known to act quickly. So it might be 2024 before circumstances change, and I seriously doubt whoever ends up on CSM18 is going to influence this outcome to happen sooner no matter what their priorities are.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but is it not viable right now? I haven’t seen any other major JF hauling corp complain or make adjustments to their services, and as far as I can tell from the outside, it hasn’t impacted them.


Hauling actually became high skill and meaningful gameplay instead of the easy mindless work of a few alts and the response isn’t to step up to the challenges of New Eden but to complain on the forums and to CCP and cancel everything.

The only difference between this thread and the usual endless spam complaints on the forum (about high sec ganking) is that it’s CSM time. But it’s still the same underlying „where’s my right to safe low-skilled mindless hauling“ mentality.


ganking has been heavily nerfed over the last 10 years

the first nerf to hauling in that time (which can be fully accounted for, by the way) results in these kinds of posts?


So what are the operating losses now? 10% instead of 1%? I’m sure that’s an oversimplification in some sense, but if losses are up 10x then bump prices 10x and keep on trucking.

I am not going to argue whether ganking is too easy or too hard, but it is incorrect that this is the first nerf to hauling in a decade. The changes to nullification, warp core stabs, and DST resistances come to mind - they all nerfed certain hauling ships/modes in certain areas of space.

Hmm Red Frog and PushX are still running without issues. I guess GHSOL just couldn’t handle the pressure!

All that big talk, just to fold at the first sign of resistance…