Possibly will sell check me out

2006 toon with a funny name.
Comes with many skillboks worth of billions.

16 days away from panic mode.
If that somehow affects the price then I will cancel until it’s done.

16b starting bid.

All CCP rules applied transfer will be made through plex.

16b for starting

Thank you for your bid will let this run for a couple of days to see where it can lead.
Looking for an offer that I can’t refuse.

17.5bil b/o

18 Bil


Thank you for your kind offers will check if I get a bit more to close the sale.

Bump…Highest bid so far is 20b.Anyone offering more?1 more day left and it’s either sold or cancelled.

Will let it run for a 24 hour if no higher bid will be made I will close the sale order.

Canceling the sale.

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