Hi , i need the space to this pilot, then i put him for sale.

  • Myrm / VNI
  • good drones
  • Mining Barge IV
  • Mining V
  • Diplomatic / Negotiation V (mission running)
  • Getting Distribution Connection V
  • Full +4

Is in high sec, have a colony of planetary in Horde territory, and clone there, all ccp rules apply, no killing rights, have positive wallet.

I am not reading eve mail, if interested answer thread I pay with credit card in Euros, then min offer is 3.7b

I enter in some minutes to validate identity.

I am for sale.

Does 3.5bil work for you?

If nobody offer more for tomorrow, is ok.

sarurday bump

sunday bump

monday bump

updated, now is 4.9m millions.

bump today

Today pass the 5m mark. I get 4 days more of Omega and using in distribution connections V

Friday Bump

Saturday BUMP

sunday bu,mp

Character is available.


Reasons :

  • No much movement in Bazaar for the month
  • Need a character for do something next month, i will use him
  • Probably can sell in two months as an Exhumer, quickly.

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