EDIT - Decided not to sell this character.

16,237,262 skill points (no unallocated points). Annual remap is available now. 1 bonus remap available.

Character meets all transfer requirements. Docked at Dodixie trade hub. Is in NPC corp. Positive security status and wallet. No kill rights. No jump clones. I pay the transfer fee.

As seen on the skillboard, in addition to the magic 14 all being at level 5, this pilot has several other valuable skills trained to 5.

Has a full set (slots 1-6) of mid-grade Virtue implants plugged in.

8.5bill ready

10 bil

have multiple offers on other chars. bid is good till i complete one of any. will try to remember to retract bid if a diff one completes. o7

Thanks for the offer, but I’m looking for a bit more than that.

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