Sale is Cancelled .

skillq isnt working

Should be working now

Daily bump

Unlikely to get that price, its not a great widow pilot if it has JDC4.

I’d say 22b would be a good price to get though. (not a bid btw)

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Thank you for the feedback mr Hammershached Face. I agree the widow skills are not yet up to scratch.

The focus of this char is to fly Loki & Recons for the cov cyno :slight_smile:

The widow and support skills have only recently started to be trained. Then CCP decided to increase sub prices so i’m reducing the amount of chars :slight_smile:

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Bump :slight_smile:

Still for sale

23 billion ISK.

25bill offer

Looking for a little more.

Daily bump :slight_smile:

i can offer 24B, For so long, would you like to waver?


if youcan stretch to 26 its a deal