Cannot Complete the Mission of Factional Warfare

I am now in test server Singularity and cannot complete the mission of Factional Warfare. I do not know whether the Mission system is being upgraded. The reminder of mission let me destroy the Beacon which can not be destroyed (picture attached).

In local system it is said that “Message > <color=0xffa3fc80>The Sector Commander is no more. Return to base and report to your agent.”. However the mission is still not completed.

The message could possibly be from another mission you completed in the same system. Destroying the beacon won’t show that message when completed. Please include the name of the mission and I can help you out better.

@Oreb_Wing, you can see the mission name in the picture above
@cylinder00, you have two the same missions check another one?

Ah, I see it now. It wasn’t coming up a bit ago. Just text. Loading error maybe.

I wonder why your mission queue looks different on the top left. Also, if it wasn’t finished, it would still appear on your overview. You trolling?

double check it, I enter into the correct pocket

yeah, this is why I also wonder whether the Mission system is being upgraded and it leads to look different on the top left

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