Cannot group weapons after 2 months


For circa two months now I have been experiencing “Group All Weapons Locked” - both in Fitting and oh the UI (if that’s what it’s called). All the weapons and ammo are the same in all my ships and it’s becoming increasingly frustrating that I cannot group them.

I went through the options other players suggested in the #help channel in-game, but none of them worked. This including removing charges, dragging weapons, pressing the group weapons button a huge number of times, removing weapons, putting them in again, etc. etc.

The picture is of a Minmatar ship. I’ve also had this issue in Amarr ships.

I thought this might be a temporary bug as this wasn’t the case when I first started playing a little over three months, but the issue hasn’t moved so I hope someone has a solution.

TLDR - Group All Weapons Locked is permanently on and seems to have no intention of unlocking so that I can group my weapons

I’ve not heard of this issue before.

I suggest you raise a ticket for it:

Or press F12 in game (which may be a better option since that gives them some client context as well).

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Thank you, I didn’t realise I could do that.

In the bottom right click the burger icon, do you have “lock modules in place” ticked? if so untick it



@Giddy_McFee has it right - and I learnt something new. Thank-you.

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