Cannot remove this button from the Neocom

I just logged in and was greeted with this button:


which mentioned it had some ‘special offers’ for me. I looked at these personalized offers, which were short term Omega deals for multiple accounts, which I don’t need as I already have Omega running on my accounts.

So I’ve tried removing this button, as it is wasting precious space on my Neocom, but I cannot do that.

Rightclicking, neocom settings, nothing seems to work.

Am I missing something or is it impossible to remove this button from the Neocom?

P.S.: The colour of this button seems to be off, compared to the other buttons. What’s up with that?

I believe once you left click on this, it will present you with an offer, which you can close/ignore. After the offer it expires, it will disappear, which may be a day or two. I don’t believe you can remove it, no.

That’s a really cool way to make the ad features in-game appear successful. Implement unremovable UI features that only disappear for a time when you watch the app – in a service that you already pay for with a full price. If CCP ever complains about toxic behavior among players, they should just dig themselves a hole and do what their sharks delicacies do. :slight_smile:

Does buying the offer make the button disappear?

Does it appear on omega accounts too? I can tolerate it on alpha accounts, but gtfo when already subbed :stuck_out_tongue:

This is an Omega account, yes.

Srsly, there’s been so much bloat added to neocom, it gets ridiculous. We want more freedom in the sandbox!

Another cash grab :frowning:

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