How to remove annoying neocom button?

How to remove this: annoyin ?
I cant dock to the station and I don’t want to delete this item. Is it possible to hide this annoying number or completely remove this absolutely stupid button? What type of GENIUS made non-removable neocom buttons with non-removable RED notification? Are you really think that this is really need?

Open it. Click on the trash can icon.

Stop ranting over it and you will soon learn to cope with it.

:red_circle: You cannot remove the first button. The second button disappears after you invested a few mouse clicks and mouse strokes every day to accept the “gifts”, which you then have to trash because the red dot from the first button won’t disappear either if you don’t remove all the things. As long as there are people like the above, bad designs like these small things will persist in EVE. :slight_smile:

Oh, and you cannot turn off the button blink either.


Open it. Click on the trash can icon.

Looks like trashing gifts the only way out.
Excellent design and solution.


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