Remove annoying donate buttons from neocom

How to remove the set of shirty buttons fixed at the bottom of the neocom panel. They were made by a genius game designer (like all of EVE’s current game designers) but I want to hide them. No, I’m not toxic I really admire the design skill of whoever came up with this panel because that buttons are really important. All ISD, all game masters, all CCP, and all regular players press these wonderful important buttons every time when enter the game and many many times during the game session and have great fun. Of course they should be constantly visible and flashing/flickering every fckng time but how to remove this piece of … panel completely?

You can’t

You cannot remove them. You can only hope that the NES button doesn’t show up randomly and stays like that until you relog. I have this button visible on one char but not on 2 others currently logged in. It’s always a fun exercise to see who gets it and who doesn’t.


stop polluting our interface
obligatory clicking and blink buttons are PTW FTP MOBILE TRASH STUFF
fix dat


Im not Spartacus and so’sn’t my wife

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