Canon Proposal: Pirate faction mining frigate and barge for Alphas

Tl;dr: Pirate Venture mod with pluses and minuses and a strip miner-less Pirate Procurer available to Alphas.
Supposing there could be a way to make mining a little more fun for Alphas if they had some more interesting equipment, I thought about other ships in the Pirate faction line that didn’t require Omega and still have advantages over standard vessels. Instead of a straight-up OP version of the ships above I thought of some trades in abilities and equipment that could be used by Alpha clones interested in mining something other than the Venture. An Alpha can fly a Rattlesnake but can’t pilot a Covetor, a missed opportunity IMO.
Here are some thoughts laid out as-if they were from a redacted abstract issued to ORE management YC120.
“The images and recorded observations of non-standard mining vessels being operated by [redacted] pirates as early as YC116 are well-known however more recent reports indicated a standardization has been implemented. Capture and examination of whole vessels and wreckage from [redacted/multiple] systems confirm our Venture and Procurer line is being modified and used within the [redacted] as mining vessels. The central designer [redacted] as indicated from on-board records is unknown and possibly a defector from a design bureau in [redacted].
Overview: Our Venture is being modified for better use with a manned crew, however the provisions for capsuleer operation remain. Primarily the drone bay and it’s required hardware has been removed allowing for an increased ore capacity, to roughly 7000m3. Removing the drone capacity allows for the mounting of an additional mining laser, bringing it up to 3 mining laser mounts with an auxilliary for whatever utility is required for missions. While leaving the “Pickaxe” (taken from the hull markings of a relatively intact vessel) without drones greatly reduces it’s defenses it’s 50% increased mining speed makes it economically viable, as long as it can get away.
The Procurer underwent the most radical changes of the two known mining vessels. The ability to mount and operate strip mining modules is gone. Replacing the strip miners are positions for 7 mining lasers and 1 ancillary mount, we suspect the low availability and high maintenance level needed for the strip miners versus lasers was a contributing factor for this radical modification. Upon entering the engineering spaces our crews discovered a startling change to the internal power grid; the reliable and powerful capacitor was removed and replaced with 2 Venture capacitors. We cannot confirm reasoning for this 40% reduction in capacity and speculation as to why it was done and where the Procurer capacitors are going is outside the scope of this report. We believe the structure to be weakend from the modifications, destructive testing on one of the [redacted/greater than 1] captured vessels will be conducted at a future time. The ore capacity and drone bays were unchanged, perhaps [redacted] felt it not worth the weakening and material to alter the structure in any more significant ways. We have code-named this iteration “Scoop” from the hull markings [redacted].
We have blueprinted both vessels and are building prototypes to test their viability, capabilities and their strengths and weaknesses. We suspect that more will be seen and encountered in the years following this standardization among [redacted/greater than 1] pirate groups.”
-End of Introduction-
The idea I came up with is to make something desirable and attractive to those who like digging up space-rocks, ships worth putting in the time and effort playing EVE to attain without the financial concern of maintaining an Omega clone state. This proposal for new ships is just that, a thought-piece to “Make Mining Fun Again”, two more steps in a ship-ladder that doesn’t exist right now. Neither a slightly boosted Venture or a halved Proc is going to change New Eden in profound ways. If my idea does get traction, a set of BPOs in my Redeem box would be adequate compensation lol.

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Alphas should not get access to stronger mining ships, that will lead to abuse worse then we have currently.


The problem occurs when Alpha accounts are allowed to have an impact on the in-game economy. This is why they have very limited ability to participate in industry.

The problem isn’t so much with new citizens but with experienced players who thoroughly understand how the system works and could use free accounts to make a lot of ISK - if enough of them did it, it could wreck the economy. We already have a problem with mission running bots which forced CCP to block Alphas from running level 4 missions.

There’s no easy answer but you’ll be hard pressed to buy a decent lunch for the cost of a months Omega subscription in any developed nation so - if you enjoy the game, subscribe.

Although, I do agree that alpha accounts have to be limited it might be a good idea to add new mining ships. A possible idea is to make it so that alphas could only use the mining frigate like they currently have but have some different bonuses. Another mining faction, such as a pirate faction mining line of ships, might not be a bad idea. You could make it a possible loot box drop from one of the pirate mining barges that can be found in the asteroid belts. You then could also have mining barges/exhumers, but only allow them to people who have the appropriate skills (aka omega accounts). With these new ships there can be a more variety of mining ships to choose from with better/different bonuses.

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The answer will always be no.

Outer Ring Excavations is already a Pirate Faction. Their Level 4 agents are deep inside NPC Null Security space. There are ORE Mining Lasers if you want a touch more yield. (A set will cost ½ billion isk, for a 8⅓ percent yield gain). I do wish there was ORE Mining Laser upgrade - that I would support to be in the game. It’s just shame that there are no Outer Ring Exc agents available in Low/High Security space.

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  1. There (probably) will not be any variants of mining ships, unless they’re further developed by ORE. Used to be, each race had their own Mining craft for the hobby Miners, and then ORE had the specialty craft you’d strive for if you really wanted to take Mining seriously. But they scrapped those and turned them into Logi Frigates instead, and now ORE is all we have.

  2. Alphas need to stop begging for more and more stuff. And CCP needs to stop giving them stuff. Alpha needs to go back to what it was intended to be… an extended period, trial demo mode. You get to play the game for a bit, kinda peek down the various career paths, and decide if you like what you see. And then YOU PAY MONEY to keep playing beyond that.

  • Alphas should go back to being limited to their chosen Race of ships. There is no emphasis on Races anymore, since anyone can fly anything with enough training. At least when Alphas were limited, it put some focus on deciding what Race you were starting out with. Then if you go Omega, you earn the privilege of expanding into the other Races.
  • Alphas shouldn’t be allowed access to T2 anything. There’s plenty of T1s and Metas for everything. Again, paying for Omega should grant you the privilege of expanding your selection.

I could keep going, but sufficed to say, I think Alphas have too much going for them already. If you give them all the toys they ask for, they won’t be enticed into paying for anything.


Then what is the point of your suggestion if it’s worse than what already exists?
The only thing I can see this leading to is a bunch of AFK miners crying about how their more expensive pirate mining ship was ganked in highsec.

This has got to be a joke. “If my idea is good, then give me BPOs so I can control the sole availability of this ship”.

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A simple test is to see how much ratting increased when alphas got access to pirate and navy combat vessels. I have not checked the combat or combat ship forums to see how much whining and dystopian forecasting was predicted when the massive wave of freepers started eradicating all the pirate activity in hi-sec using super-ships like the Worm and VNI.

As to upsetting the economy through excessive mining, the cost of tri has doubled since the Rorqs got nerfed a little, the only people making out like bandits are those who had billions of tritanium in reserve. Competition however small in scope would be a good thing.

Yes, it was a joke I fully expect any new pirate vessel BPOs to be found in wrecks and data sites just as others were. Even better, start seeding BPO/BPCs in those roaming NPC mining corp transports.

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They are two types of Alphas in this game:

  1. New players. The role of the Alpha mode is to make them discover Eve and as a matter of fact, for CCP to attract more players. But IMHO, Alpha mode is not a long term option if you are a daily player. It’s not viable for CCP and of course there is a need to restrict what an alpha can do because if they Don’t do it, nobody would subscribe and Eve would be dead by now. So Alpha should stays with what they have, there is enough to make you discover the game. If you reach the point that you fell in love with the game, then switch to Omega.

  2. Alts…. Veteran players have a tons of alts and there is no way CCP could give more to alphas because those vétérans will exploit it. That’s why, alphas cannot mine with barges and That’s why they cannot do L4 pve missions…

hey can mine same amount but not in barge. EVE it’s EVE after all. You can do many things even as alpha when you are not traveling common path.

Hadn’t spotted this thread before… I agree with both ur points. However I would like to see an upgrade path for alphas but not a direct yield increase on the venture or new mining ships as such. What I think would be a good idea is an ORE version of the Miasmos that can increase fleet yield (ventures only) with a small fleet hanger of about 3000 m3 and a reduced ore hanger of 27k m3, about the same as a jetcan. This would encourage alphas to get together, make friends, join a corp & get a flavour of fleet mechanics/considerations.

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