Can't access account management page and support won't respond and bug reports closed without response

I have been unable to access the account management pages on either Firefox or Chrome for the better part of a year. I am able to create a subscription, but I cannot cancel the subscription or change the subscription frequency as a consequence. My subscription now comes up for automatic renewal tomorrow and because support won’t respond to this I will be billed when I don’t want to be which turns this from a bug to a legal matter since, as far as I am aware, subscription based services cannot prevent customers from canceling a service.

The errors are always the same. A Ray ID, an IP address, an error reference code, and a cloud flare location each time. The only thing that changes is the Ray ID.

Other pages are also inaccessible. I can’t, for example, access the expert systems page because it likewise goes through the same bugged system. The page always says to contact support, bug if support never responds and if bug reports are closed without actually fixing the problem or even saying anything, what am I supposed to do? It’s extremely suspicious when the pages for activating a subscription work, but the pages that are for ending a subscription is broken.

there are several methods to contact support that don’t require logging in, you can review them here: EVE Support - Contact Options if using email, sending from the email on the account will speed things up.

That’s not the problem. I have no problems logging in and creating a support ticket while logged in. I am logged on right now, after all. The problem is that while I can activate a new subscription and purchase things like PLEX I cannot access the account management page so I cannot change payment methods or even cancel a subscription. I can open support tickets and bug reports, but those get ignored.

For example:

EBR-243023: Cloudflare error prevents access to account management page

It was closed without any response.

A support ticket which was opened wasn’t responded to either.

Support ticket with relevant details is the correct path, you may need to be patient while they investigate the issue. If there are any billing issues that need to be resolved separate from the cloudflare/access, would suggest a different ticket for that.

I was patient, but when it was marked as "closed"literally a day before the next bill would post without any response that’s when I became impatient. Bugs I can understand, but closing tickets without responding suggests intent and that’s the reason I am trying to figure out what else I can do.

I’m presently trying to block payments from going through at all to the card in use for the account. My hope is that it will allow me to change things that way. However, I have no idea how that might affect my account or what I can do going forward because I do have a right to cancel subscriptions.

note the bug report you referenced, EBR-243023 is not a support ticket. See for your support tickets, a reply can re-open or escalate as needed. Use the " You can [create a follow-up]." option at the bottom.

Oh, I’ve opened support tickets as well, and I’ve replied to them, but there’s no response from anyone. Of course, I would expect that a bug with accessing account management is something that should be fixed by a bug report.

Looking up a Cloudflare 522 error, only a server administrator can fix these problems. It’s caused when the web server takes too long to respond to requests from Cloudflare and is unrelated to the speed of my own connection to Cloudflare. This can happen if the server is overloaded or simply misconfigured. It could also be a problem specific to the connection between the webserver and only a specific cloudflare node meaning the problem could affect some customers, but not others. Regardless of what the problem is it’s always a problem with the web host rather than the end user so it’s clearly something that should be taken seriously, but closing the issue indicates a refusal to do that.

Now, the pages say they are using cloudflare to prevent botting, but here’s what I don’t understand:

Why use this protection ONLY on the pages used to cancel or change a subscription, but not on the pages used to purchase a subscription? Or log into the game without a subscription at all? That just doesn’t make sense to me.

Might be an issue for your isp, i just accessed the account management page just fine

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