Cant connect using wifi?

(Lieutenant Reyes) #1


hopefully someone can help.

every time I try and log in using WIFI, I get to the character select, select the character and then I get a connection lost, an expected error has occurred notification.

I ONLY get this on wifi. I does not happen on a wired connection. id like to know if someone figured this out as I usually can only play at work.

any ideas?

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #2


Have you tested wired and wifi on the same router? Generally wifi works fine.

(Solecist Project) #3

EVE’s quite sensible to lost packets.
How many walls and corners are there in between you and the router?

(Lieutenant Reyes) #4

ive tried wired, it works fine

(Lieutenant Reyes) #5

I have tried it within 5 feet, 10, 20. all the same.

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #6

You seem to have a hardware issue, try to update your drivers.

(Solecist Project) #7

Also don’t forget trying turning it off …
… waiting ten seconds …
… and turning it on again.

Also hit it hard at least once.

(Lieutenant Reyes) #8

everything is up to date. I have also tried turning off wifi and back on, it didn’t work.

it works with a LAN CABle plugged in, but will not connect If I am on wifi or hotspot.

this started happening about 3 weeks ago I believe after a update. any ideas?

(Lieutenant Reyes) #9

I really don’t get it. I can launch lineage 2, and it connects fine. Its to only be eve online? I have already removed and reinstalled it and same problem

(Lieutenant Reyes) #10

error is “connection to the server has closed”

(GM Mechanic) #11

Yes I don’t know about this one, maybe file a ticket and attach a loglite file with client information from when this happens and then I might be able to tell you something.

Loglite would be your best bet to find out what is causing this, and it’s most likely an unexpected error not an expected error. Expected error just sounds so wrong to me. :Þ

(Lieutenant Reyes) #12

yea I am sorry. it says “an unexpected error has occurred”

I rolled back my laptop…it was working fine on wifi. looks like it downloaded the 1803 patch again and its doing it all over. ill just have to waituntil this patch this stupid thing

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #13

The joy of MS updates… Good luck.

(Lesh Nekrothane) #14

Also have the same issue.
Connects fine with the LAN cable but doesn’t work with wifi.
However I can connect to the test server on wifi.