Cant fit

for some reason the game will not let me fit a light missile launcher on my caldari merlin, any ideas?

Doesnt have launcher hardpoints.

The 3 highslots are for turret based weapons

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As Geo said, the Merlin has no launcher hardpoints:


This means you can only fit modules in those three high slots that do not require launcher hardpoints. Salvagers, energy neutralizers, smartbombs all don’t need hardpoints to be equipped.

But if you want to equip a weapon system on your Merlin, try turrets instead of launchers!

The Merlin does have three Turret Hardpoints, and the ship is bonused for small hybrid turret damage, so it’s a good idea to use hybrid turrets on the Merlin:


If you want to fly a Caldari frigate that uses missiles to fight, try the Kestrel!

The Kestrel has no turret hardpoints, but has 4 launcher hardpoints so it can fill all 4 high slots with missile (or rocket) launchers:


It also has bonus missile damage, and missile velocity (which means increased missile range). Pretty useful for a missile ship!


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