Can't follow through jumpgates, no option to stop players from jumping

With the old jumpbridges you could not use them when tackled, even a bubble would deny their use.

The new Ansiblex jumpgates were designed with gates in mind -> aviable in overview, visible on your route.

The recend movement of the gates away from citadels is a step in the right direction cause you won’t instantly get keepstar doomsdayd on them anymore.

However as a attacker you can not chase your opponents through them or stop players from jumping, which makes them very different to gates, heavily favouring the defenders.

I think when players are warp scrambled they should not be able to use them. Discuss…

edit: spelling

afaik they can even be used with aggression and capitals can jump them while HIC pointed.

The Mittani likes it the way it is.

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