Can't Invent from some blueprint copies?

My [Mobile Tractor Unit Blueprint - Copy] has a greyed out “Invention” icon in the [Show Info/Industry] tab. Same result if i drop it into the Industry window in an Invention-capable station.

How can i, or why can’t i, know this before investing in the blueprint and making the copy?

Where are the ‘Packrat’ and ‘Magpie’ blueprints coming from? Why are they not viewable in the [Regional Market]? (and is that the only indicator that you can’t invent them?) Who do i have to kill to get this information available in-game? eg: mouse over the invention tag and get a pop-up balloon: “Tech II models of this unit cannot be invented”.

You can look it up:

  1. Search for the BPO in the market, show info.
  2. Click on the “Copy” icon, then show info on the copy
  3. Now you can see the info a copy has as well as what you can do with it.

They are seeded through Relic/data sites

Tech 2 variant does not exist

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Or search, using the handy dandy new universal search in the top left :smiley:

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Old habits die hard! :smile:

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How come you don’t know that invention creates Tech 2?
How come you don’t know that invention does not create named items?

Maybe he’s learning? Just like you did not know at all what invention was about at some point in time? And then your learnt?


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