Tech II Blueprints

Is there a way to create Tech II blueprints, or is that impossible? If there is a way to do it, by reverse engineering from an existing component/module, or by any other method, please let me know. Thanks!

Also, if it’s not possible, does that mean that if all existing blueprints of a component/module are destroyed, that component/module will eventually become ‘extinct’?

Welcome to New Eden.

You create T2 bluetrint copies from the relevant T1 blueprint copies by a process called “invention”.

Happy to walk you through this in game or help if you wish. Much of T2 manufacturing is fairly skill intensive and, I believe, Omega only.

If you want to start, T2 ammunition, the high damage stuff, is a good place to start; modest profit but good turnover on low capital startup. I make most of my income from T2 industry in hi-sec, happy to help if you need a starter - reach out to me in game.

You may find Blueprint Calculator - Blueprint Display useful - remember, what you want to make is a profit not a warehouse full of regrets.


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