How do I copy a blueprint?

So every time I load a blueprint into the industry screen it gives me an option to manufacture, put the copy option is not lit up. Okay, so maybe I’m not at the right type of station. So I look for stations that have “copy” as a service listed.

I’ve taken my blueprint to five of them so far. Not once has the option to copy my blueprint been lit up.

What am I doing wrong, folks?

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Not all services are available at all stations.

Commonly, stations you can manufacture at don’t support science jobs (copying, improvement and invention) and vice versa.
Have a look under the facilities tab in the Industry window to see what is supported at which local stations.

Additionally, some blueprints require specific skills to copy. Also, you can’t copy a copy only an original. If you bought the blueprint through contracts, it’s probably a limited run BPC rather than a Blueprint Original.
There’s a steady income from selling good copies of well researched BPOs through contracts.

Can’t advise more without knowing the Blueprint and it’s ME/TE and Runs.


Perhaps you try to copy a blueprint copy instead of a blueprint original? Only (infinite runs) originals can be copied but can not make copies of (limited run) blueprint copies.


I’m with @Uriel_the_Flame and @Terak_Romaller . Are you sure you have a Blueprint Original (BPO) and not a Blueprint Copy (BPC)?

BPCs cannot be copied.

As @Terak_Romaller says, some BPOs need special skills to copy, but the option should be available (then the submit button will be red if you do not have the skills).

If you can post a screenshot, we can give you some hints on what the issue might be.

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