Can't kill NPC Frigate

Exetremely noob question here, but I can’t seem to kill the NPC frigates in enemy Novice plexes on my newly created FW charecter. Their shields regen exponentially faster than I can do damage to them. Ship:

3x Dual Light Beam Laser 1 w/ Radio S
Extruded Compact Heat Sink

About 20-30 per hit, which I could improve but didn’t think they would regen soooo much faster than I can do dps. Especially because they themselves only do less than 10 damage per hit to me.

First time trying to shoot at anything else in Eve, but dosen’t make much sense to me. I dont have the basic skills trained very high on this new character, but it seems that my problem is more than what a few % extra damage would solve.

Radio does the least damage at the longest range. You want to be using multifrequency, and your damage should quadruple but it also has the lowest range

You need to work on your tracking and other dps application skills. It makes a big difference.

you need to work on your semantic. “exponentially” has a specific term, like “quadratic” or “linear” it makes sense in the context of functions.

Just remove this term in your post and this will make a semantically correct sentence.
Please avoid using terms you don’t understand.

Energy Turret ammo

Here, you will be able to see all the ammos that can be loaded in an Energy turret. As @Alpha_Askiras said, Radio give you the best range of T1 crystal, with the lowest damage (only 5 total damage). Using Multifrequency (the white one) will allow you to do great damage at close range, and because lasers deal EM and Thermal damage you will be shredding that NPC frigate shield way faster than with Radio (even if Radio only deal EM damage which is the best against shields, but it’s only 5 damage against the 7 for Multifrequency).

Hope it helped !

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