Cerberus - L4 Missions - Difficulty Killing Elite Frigates

So, im a bit of a noob and first time doing L4 missions. I currently switched to a Cerberus from my Jackdaw to do L4’s and i’ve gone the path of HAM’s.

My current fit is really tanky with lot of active modules while being capacitor stable as well. Due to this i was under the impression where i could use the Rage HAM’s and still use Cerberus ranged traits to get around a decent 30 - 40 km range for a more tanky fit.

Current dps is around 650 with the skills i have, but im having a horrible time killing elite frigates in some L4 missions. Current fit is loaded with active shield modules, both resistance and repairing, so there is no room for target painter or a web at the moment.

What do you guys think i should do ?

Should i trade some resistance mods and make way for a web and painter, but then i’d be still running HAM at 30 - 40 range with a massive EM shield resistance hole in my ship.

Or should i change to some other launcher type ?

Changing to another launcher type would mean another 20 odd days of training :frowning:

If you don’t have anything major in rigs or lowslots, install modules that increase explosion velocity and reduce explosion radius.

Also loading precision missiles will help apply damage on fast movers and small targets. For these targets the extra damage from RAGE missile doesn’t help.

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Rigs i had to go with some powergrid and capacitor improving ones. As for precision missiles in HAM category, javelins the other tech 2 variant is more of a long range option than precision right ?

well only fix is increasing the precision. What about lowslots, put in missile lowslot module that increases range/presision not as good as the midslot modules with script gives a better 30% bonus for exsplosion velocity and radius reduction.

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yes, this is a possibility. Will try that, i think current tank is good enough to remove the assault damage control unit or remove one of the Ballistic Control systems for more precision and less damage.

ballistic would be what I would switch. The added plus to missile range and precision is a bonus.

Ballistic just increases rof and base damage, where precision improves the amount of damage actually applied.

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understood, will try that. thanks.

Any other suggestions from other people is welcome :slight_smile:

Rage is horrible. Never use the T2 damage missiles unless you are attacking something bigger than your ship, like a battleship in this case.


If the mission rats aren’t doing EM damage, it doesn’t matter. Fit only resistance mods tailored to the rats in the current mission.


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thanks for the feedback. I think i’ll switch to javelin or even T1 missiles and also plug some rig slots in if i can manage powergrid and capacitor somehow.

I also need to max out missile skills that help with these as well, currently they are sitting on level 4.

link your fit?

As others have pointed out, it’s a problem of application: while missiles always hit, the interaction of the explosion radius with the target size and the explosion velocity with the target’s speed govern how much of the theoretical “bang!” actually translates to damage on the target.

A new player often overlooks skills such as “Guided Missile Precision” and “Target Navigation Prediction” in favour of “Moarh DAMAGE!!” then they have problems with application. Those two skills significantly improve the damage application of missiles (train to Level 4 at least!) - I’m glad to see you haven’t fallen into the more absolute DPS trap.

Also, Elite Frigates are really annoying because they have high resists. Look at their info tab and make sure you are firing missiles that target their weakest resists (so if they have poor Explosive resistance use Nova missiles).

I trained into the Cerberus, but found it disappointing: I’d got rather use to a dual repair big battery Sacrilige as my Assault Missile HAC. I think the Cerberus is likely to be a better Heavy Missile ship that keeps a much greater range. Cap stability is going to be hard for it, especially if you’ve an active tank.

Twenty days of training: welcome to New Eden.
Eve is a like being in a relationship with a harsh Mistress, twenty days will fly by…

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When you get to my skill levels you’ll use ships like the Armageddon as a missile/drone boat and solo almost every level mission.

The combo of twin guidance computers with scripts allow my 5x RHML to have good range or great precision for small and fast targets, and the ability to throw anything from light drones to 5x heavy/sentries out most targets don’t last long with good management.

Blitzes are easy to solo and might little long than a fleet, but can be fun.

The fit I use is dual rep with high resist tank, and a full 325m^3 of light and heavy drones, with a mix of salvage and sentry drones, with a few rep drones to repair drones so don’t need to dock up for drone repairs.

Basics is “the better you hit the target, the more damage you do”.

No as others noted having higher damage is great, but if you can’t apply it on a target it’s next to useless.

Turrets require good tracking to hit targets no matter its size or speed. The higher tracking is the better the hits and better chances of hitting small fast targets. The better the hit the higher the chance of critical bonus damage above listed damage, the worse means total miss of target.

Launchers always hits, but the missile explosion is where the damage comes from. So for missile damage to full apply, you want the explosion to be with the ships sig., as someone else noted there is a great example of how this works on evewiki.

Key is explosion velocity needs to be faster than targets, and target sig. larger than explosion radius. You want the explosion to reach the edge of the radius before the target exits the explosion radius. More of the ship sig. within explosion radius the higher the damaged applied.

Missile damage is based on the percentage of this coverage, the less cover the lower the percentage of damage applied, the more covered the higher the percentage upto a max of 100% (full listed missile damage)

So if you focus on DPS you might get a lucky hit and do massive damage, but lower dps with better hits will hit everything.

I will once i go home.

yeah, i am checking the eveuniversity for the mission specific details and firing the correct type of missiles. I think my issue is that i went cap stable active mod tanky brawler fit that required me to fit both my rig slots with a powergrid upgrade and a capacitor upgrade, where i could have just added the missile rigs. I generally can just fly around right in the middle of a L4 with everyone aggro’d at me as long as someone doesnt web me.

Even with web, if the whole room is not aggro on me i can still decently tank.

I will share my fit, when i get back home.

[Cerberus, ☣☣☣☣]
Ballistic Control System II
Ballistic Control System II
Ballistic Control System II
Missile Guidance Enhancer II

Pith A-Type Large Shield Booster
Multispectrum Shield Hardener II
EM Shield Hardener II
10MN Afterburner II
Republic Fleet Large Cap Battery

Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II
Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II
Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II
Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II
Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II
Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II

Medium Ancillary Current Router II
Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II

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