Cant log in after logging out

I was able to log one account in early but not a second. Also cant log back in after logging out atm.
“Encountered an error while refreshing Token”

Logging out and closing the launcher is not the same thing. Add the account again and you should solve this issue.

It’s not working. Same problem here.

Can’t log in into already added accounts and can’t Login new accounts.

No luck, I can log in after selecting Add Account but it will not add to launcher or launch. “There was an error validating your account”
I will just check back later and hope it gets a fix.

Getting same error when trying to log in to game. If removing account from launcher and adding it back, I get error “There was an error while validating your account, please try again.”. So, that workaround is not working for me. :frowning:

Thing is: After removing one of my accounts i now can NOT add it to the launcher again. It asks for PW, i confirm… back to launcher, account still not in list.

Really great… i just jumped into an event site, guess the ship is already dead.

Another one of those moments when you ask yourself “why the heck i am still playing this game?”

There is an issue with the login service at the moment. We are looking into it and will hopefully have this solved shortly.

If checking twitch streams now, there is a lot people that have this same problem.

“Encountered an error while refreshing Token”
Removed account.
Tried to add account.
“There was an error when validating your account, please try again.” three times now.
This is actually worse.
edit: works now


Nothing’s happening.

Launcher version: 1381807

Good work or good timing. I managed to log in normally just now.

… and now login is working again for me. :+1:

For me working too now.

Worked fine for me thx.

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