CAnt log in - log in character selection broken

OMG cant log in - time for relative easy cursing and throwing of soft furnishings

warning Stage 2 Tantrum will commence in T-15mins Loud cursing and ereatic movements coupled with semi solid object being thrown…

Do NOT let me hit stage 3 please! i like the Tv Screens im using

Some more information would be helpful (i.e. do you get error messages, or does client start, but then crash?).

Anyway, file a support ticket in order to get in line.

You can also try generic troubleshooting steps such as clearing the cache, and using revo uninstaller before reinstalling eve. And, depending on the issue, you might have luck telling the launcher to forget your accounts and then logging back in (this is something that I often have to do when I haven’t logged into the test server for a while).

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