Cant log into my account please help me

Over 12 hours ago i went to log into the game under my only account and i get a small window telling me that “Failed to refresh token for puffalot on tranquility. If the issue persist, please try to re-authenticating the account”. I open a ticket and a GM suggest that i “remove account from the launcher and re log in” which did nothing but make my account disappear from the launcher. After trying to log back into my account after that it keeps cycling me threw the log in screen where you enter your name and password, Then the email verification code screen where you enter in the numbers they send you in a email, then to the prove your a human window… Then it keeps looping thru these 3 windows over and over each time i enter in the required information… I message GM again they recommend trying to log in thru a VPN which i do not have nor know anything about but still having the same issue 6 hours by now with only 2 replys back from a GM… So I feel like my concerns are not being addressed and open yet another ticket which they merge with my first with no solution or answer to my issue… Now where at the 12 hour mark and ive yet to hear back from any GM’s still having the same issues i uninstall the game and all files and do a fresh reinstall of the game from there website…Still nothing still looping me thru the same log windows not even making it to the launcher unless i start a new account… so I ask them to please reply back and let me know if anyone is trying to resolve my issue or have found a solution as to why im having this problem… 14 hours now and still no reply back from a GM for the last 8 hours or more, still unable to log into my account and still do not know why all of a sudden im having this issue logging into my account. This has to be the worst customer service i have ever delt with i have ben left out in the cold without a reply back for the last 10 hours into my issue… Everytime i try to log into my account i keep getting looped thru those log in and account verification windows now its like my account doesnt even exist since they had me remove it from the launcher to relog in. Has anyone had this same issue? Is there anyone else i can talk to besides these GM’s ? Played the game yesterday and logged out as i normally do I have not touched any files or made any changes on my computer since the reinstall today after the fact.

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Can you login on the website?

removed two off topic. You can always chat into the GM team via to follow up on a case. Depending on the complexity it may take longer to get a response.

had same problem after launcher update . you postpone update until closing client ? that’s what gave me this bug .

make a new acct , add to launcher , then add existing accts to launcher . fixed it for me gl .

I am having the same problem, except when I created a new account it will not let me add another account, it switches over to Cloudflare to verify i am human but wont let me click it and just goes back to the account screen,

make a new account go through the tutorial log out that should put you on the launcher screen then choose add a new account enter your old account information that you are trying to get on even if you do not see the picture of your account on the launcher click the box for a new account and the empty box with the plus sign Inside and that should send you to your account once the launcher goes through with your information in it for the new account that is how I was able to get back onto my account. Before that it kept cycling me through the same 3 screens Entering my information verifying my email and proving that I am human and it kept looping through the same three screens over and over and over and would not stop until I did what I quoted above

I am having the same issue on a new PC I just built. Old PC works fine and can add accounts on the same network.

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are you still having the same problem after doing what I wrote In the last post ?

I’m having the same issues. The launcher will cycle me through the log in when I try to add my accounts, then bring me right back to the same start screen, it’s frustrating. I did manage to add my Steam account, there’s no real issue linking that and getting it to work. But, my main accounts will not populate no matter how many times I go through this and reset my system, reinstall the game, empty out the cache, use voodoo magic, etc. I even tried a new install on a new computer, same problems!
I think I will try to create a new account with a new email as a burner and maybe this will allow me to add my existing accounts. I shouldn’t have to do this, CCP…nobody should have to crawl, scratch, and fight to get into your game. This is pure ignorance and incompetence on your part. Fix your launcher, for your own good. I’m not paying a subscription fee just to get jerked around.

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Same here. And more, simply can’t log in at to make a ticket… But i can login to forum and account management.

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That one is easy…click on “Submit a request”, then select “I have problems logging in” and you can create a ticket without logging in…

Well, I’ve tried making new accounts and that doesn’t help either. I reinstalled AGAIN, cleared my cache, temp folders, ran a HD defrag and clean, and even cleaned the registry. Nothing. Absolute trash. Hey, CCP how in the world do you expect players to log into the game with their existing accounts? Why can’t you just allow us to log in from a browser and receive a token to use or something? This is ridiculous.

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@Aslante_Neronius other options to contact support are here: