Can't log in the test server

I had to reset my 2 factor authentication and now i can’t log in to the test server. I have no problem login in the main server, but when i try to login the test server i’m being prompted with a mesage “Verification code mismatch”
Can you please update my account from live so i can log in the test server.

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I have the same problem for a very long time. But I found solution somewhere on the forums. :sunglasses:

Click on server list in the upper right drop-down menu in launcher and select test server and than “launch”. After that you can login in game without 2 factor authentication.

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Oh thx for the advice i can login the test servers now thx a lot.

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For MAC users, the server list is in the View menu dropdown on the menu bar (in case some other MAC user finds this and goes looking for the gear in the upper right of the launcher window that Windows users have)

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This works. Thank you for your advice. Although at times the client just crashes after selecting which character to log in with. Its an improvement from the mismatch error at least.

Got this incompatibility msg when I tried to logon to Singularity from the upper right pull-down server list.

Although I’ve been able to logon to Tranquility with no issue at all.

I contacted CCP support but they said they have nothing to do with Singularity.

Did you check “Singularity” server under “Test servers” list in “Settings”? Also did you check “Download everything” in “Settings”?

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