Can't log in through steam account

Hello. I have non-steam accounts and non-steam launcher. I had some money at my steam wallet, so I decided to create a new alt through Steam and buy subscription. I bought 3 month subscription, game appeared at Library and Steam-launcher installed to my PC.
I opened this launcher, saw my pinned non-Steam accounts and new window appeared. At this window I need to log in through Steam to add new account.
I entered my Steam credentials, entered 2FA code for Steam and then got this message:
We are currently in the process of creating your EVE account. Please try again in a few minutes.

My subscription paid ~1 hour ago, but I can’t login all that time. What I have to do? I can’t login to, getting same error. (of course I’m trying login through Steam)

I created ticket at support, but may be somebody experienced this problem and it was client-side problem, and I can fix it by myself.

Issue resolved by support. Seems, that happened, because EVE was at my steam library a lot of time ago. Support told me to delete game from library (through support page at steam), then add it to my account again and that worked.
Subscription weren’t applied automatically, but support solved that.

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