Can't Login on Eve

Hello, i’m having some Issues when trying to loggin via facebook. Everytime i try to login this error shows:

The translation of this error message is:
URL blocked: The redirection failed because the URl used is not in the release list in the application client’s OAuth settings. Verify that client and web OAuth login is enabled and add all domains in your application as valid OAuth redirect URLs.

Also, everytime i try to change my password it shows this error after putting the new password on the fields and pressing “change password”:

“An unexpected error has occurred, please try pressing your browsers back button and try again. If the problem persists, please contact support.”

I don’t remember my old password so if i can’t login via Facebook i would need to change my password to a new one in order to login using my username, wich is ErinionMalaraca, but i can’t change my password either. So well, i can’t play the game at all. If you can help me with these issues i would be thankfull, sorry for the trouble.

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