Cant sell to region why i cant sell my plex in a zitadel with open market? there are so many buy orders for the region and it is not possible to sell at zitadels instant. is it a bug?

Do you have enough cash in your wallet to pay the sales tax? You’ll need 1% - 2% of the total value depending on your accounting skill.

Try selling 1 PLEX to get some cash, then 10, then the rest.

yes i have, the thing is, when i fly to a “normal” station taht is not a player station, then it work but on a zitadel not…

A Google search shows a number of posts from last year indicating that selling to ranged buy orders from a Citadel is not supported - don’t know if this is a bug, feature or something CCP just hasn’t got around to yet.

Same problem here.

maybe a mod can answer this… is it a bug or not. because what does it mean to orders that are placed buy to region and it do not reach people who sell at zitadels…

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