Is this a market bug?

I’ve brought this topic up to players in Rookie chat and each time the more seasoned players agree that this is a bug. I’ll just copy/paste from the bug report I made:

"Go to Botane - ICY Market and Industry. Attempt an immediate sell order on a Small Ghoul Compact Energy Nosferatu. You will not be able to sell to the valid Dodixie order with a 2 jump range, only to the in-station order at a tenth of the price. Anyone who blindly sells in this station will not receive the fair market price.

I then moved to an NPC station in Eglennaert, still within the 2 jump range of the Dodixie buy order. I am now able to sell to the higher-priced order in Dodixie, leading me to believe this is a game bug. Nothing has changed except the station I’m in. It seems like the player-controlled station in Botane is overriding my ability to sell to the higher-priced order in Dodixie, simply because I’m in-station."

Is this a feature of the player-owned station, that the station owner can prevent buy orders from other stations being fulfilled? I’ve seen it at a different player-owned station too, and also submitted a bug report on that one many months ago.

Thanks for your input, I’m really curious whether this is a feature or a bug.

It’s not a bug. This is to prevent you from being able to sell an item to fulfill a buy order that was placed by someone who may not have access to a citadel.

You can fulfill remote buy orders from an NPC station because everyone can access a station.

It would be an absolute dick move if you sold items to a buy order in a citadel, and then locked the buyer from ever being able to dock and retrieve the goods.


FINALLY the mystery is solved! Thanks!

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