Cant start the game cause "MAYBE unsave passwort"


I cant start the game. If I enter my username and passwort into the launcher and click on log in, a “security warning” pops up, that my passwort is MAYBE unsave. Its nonsense, my passwort is fine.

If I click continue, Iam back at the “empty” launcher (have to insert user name and passwort again). Then the same “warning” appears. Its an endless loop that prevents me from entering the game.

What it’s telling you is that your password has been seen in password dumps online.

Using the haveibeenpwned service.

Thus, it may not be the best idea to use it.

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Thx for reply. I doubt this, because CCP DONT KNOW my password. Its encoded on their servers.
It only “recommend” to change it, because its “commonly used”, what is nonsense (1, its not 2, they dont know my password, so they cant know that it is “commonly used”).

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Except they keep telling you. You just choose not to listen. Change your password to something else and try again. Or keep getting the message that your password is weak. Up to you.

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No man. As I said, they dont know my password, so they cant know if its commonly used or not. The truth is, that they want me to go to the account management site and enter ALL my personal data. Thats the reason. Without telling them my data, its not possible to change the password (this and this data is required to continue). Thats the point. The whole thing with “unsave password” (as I said, they dont know my password) is only a barnstormers to get my personal information. And I dont want this.

do you not have an email on file? I just went to account info, and all that is there is my name, dob, gender and email…

you don’t have to share all kinds of info. do you not get emails from EVE?

If you go to it should give you the prompt to log in and change your password.

You kniw, you do tell them what your password is, when you log into the launcher. That’s when it’s checked. They don’t store it in a reversable form, but when you enter it, they get it.


As I said, my password is not commonly used. They say its maybe commonly used but at the same time they dont give me a chance to choose. In others words, I HAVE to change the passwort or I can not log in any longer.

If it’s a password that you’ve used elsewhere, it’s possible that it’s been compromised on that other service.

There’s also a chance (a very small chance) that it’s a hash collision issue. This is highly unlikely.

Check here, if your password is known to the internet.
If yes, change it.
If it’s commonly used (like most words you find in a dictionary) then change it.
If it’s a completely random generated password, then there is a chance, that there is a hash collision. That’s not great, but can happen. Solution? Change it.

My advice: use KeePass or any other password safe to generate unique and long random passwords (mine have more then 25 characters) and store them there.
Also use 2 factor authentication.

In my opinion, login without 2FA should be forbidden.


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