Cap drain issues as of monday.[possible bug]

let me preface this by saying, i have my engineering skills maxed, i use cap rechargers and cap batteries and i keep my capacitor health high and cap stable as much as possible.

Now, i have noticed over the last few days, starting with the last day of the hunt something broken with cap drains from npc enemies. During the event, i was using a kikimora with a strong recharge and was steam rolling the enemies. However, for some reason it seems that npc’s using neutralizers and nosferatu’s had gone into overdrive on the last day, monday. the cap drain had become significant. i thought possibly there was a bug with the downtime refresh on monday, and notated it to a few other players. on tuesday, i began a level 4 mission using a kronos, with a pretty strong capacitor recharge cycle and again noticed it across a couple different missions. cap is being drained unusually fast. for example while using my kronos i use a bastion module, 2 faction cap recharger, a webber along with my guns and pretty much 1 or 2 shot most enemies so they shouldnt be around long enough to pull down my capacitor so quickly. i nearly lost my kronos because the neuts were insanely high despite in the past i was wrecking the same mission and same enemies without a threat posed.

not sure what has changed, since it has not been notated in patch notes. the npc cap drains via nos and neuts are placing extra burden on engineering systems outside of normal limits and it does not seem to be from any particular reason such as more enemies than normal or more neuts than normal.

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