Capacitor for warping

does requiring capacitor to initiate warp serve gameplay in any meaningful way?
a ship can warp even with 1% cap (wont reach destination though), but as a mechanic, you cannot interdict it’s warp only by putting cap pressure.
eliminating this mechanic will enable significant server cpu power?

… you don’t do much pvp do you? I have had this effect a fight on many occasions noticeably and probably countless more when I wasn’t paying attention. Try warping in onto someone 34au+ away in a tight cap fight and tell me it had no gameplay effect.

It’s not meant to stop you from warping it’s primary purpose is to give a slight advantage to whoever is being warped onto considering they are more likely to not be as fresh as new arrivals. Secondly the inability to complete a warp is more of an added feature with no real intended goal other than it makes sense


I’ve seen neuting used to stop a target warping. Are you sure you can still warp with 1% cap?

Yes. It forces you to take more time to warp longer distances if you don’t have sufficient capacitor reserves for the warp. This may seem like a minor annoyance most of the time, but when you’re pursuing someone, or being pursued, it can matter a lot.

so long as you have .001 point of cap you can warp I have never actually seen a nuet stop a warp I don’t even know what error it sends back


I have at least once with a bhaal with no point. It’s happened to me during missions with heavy neuting a couple times.

I couldn’t find anything saying you need over a certain amount of cap to warp, however the minimum warp distance is 150km. Perhaps that creates a minimum warp cost depending on your mass and ship type.

basically anything under .001 is rounded down to 0 so long as you have any cap at all you can warp.

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Sounds less like an argument for taking away Cap usage to warp. And more like an argument to make a base level requirement. If you’re Neuted below 5% (or whatever) then you cannot initiate warp. Kinda like how you need to be going a certain speed, you need to have at least a certain amount.

Would mean that enough neuts become a tackle. I like it!

If you really want to stop a target from warping, fit properly :slight_smile:

-1 this matters.

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people have brought this up before and it has been pointed out that it would make scrams pointless in a lot of situations and make nuet ships far to powerful by freeing up 1+ mid(s).

Especially with capacitor warfare being so common it is like a free mid slot giveaway.

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