Warp Capacitor Requirements

Is there a formula relating warp distance to capacitor need?

Some searching gave me:


It’s an older source but I suppose it might still be up to date.


Things may have changed a little since 2011.

Yes, might have.

But unless you can tell me whether the calculations have changed, I think it’s better than no source at all. (And even if it did change, my guess is that the formula would still mostly be the same.)

You could check whether the formula is up to date by calculating your warp capacitor usage for a ship and comparing it with the ingame cap usage. I’d do it myself if I were at my desktop.

What ship and how far are you warping that it’s an issue?

This in my mind is a tricky question. Their are a number of factors to consider when trying to answer how far any given ship can travel in warp starting with 100% capacitor.

  1. Ship type. Theirs no standard capacitor size between ship classes and types.
  2. Fitting. Your fitting affects your capacitor size.
  3. Skills and Implants also can affect your capacitor size.
  4. Drugs, I’m guessing theirs drugs out their that can affect your speed and capacitor.

Another point to consider is your warp speed I’m guessing that the faster you travel the further you will get on the same capacitor size in comparison to a ship of the same type but traveling slower in warp.

I hope this muddies the water enough for you :slight_smile:


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