Capital Ancillary Armor repairer bpc drops?

I’ve been seeing the cost of these go up an up, but supply seems either too little or controlled.

Where do the damn bpc’s drop? Ghost sites, random data? Any idea of rate of drops?

I get my share of other sizes of ancil reppers but never one of the capital ones.

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Yes, they drop in both 0.0 Data and Relic Sites. The drop chance is veeery low. I got one. Their manufacturing resource cost are breaking impressive.

BTW, can I ask? Why do you need a Capital Ancillary? How it can help in most traditional situations?

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My Rorq has two and the preferred fit is three of them…and I’ve a Moros fit with dual reps, but was wanting to try it with one of them being ancil. My Rev might go that way as well…not sure as I’ve not fiddled with a fit for it as of yet.

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Armor rep… On a rorq… k.

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LOL, I got that back assward, I was looking at the capital shield ancil’s when replying, but yeah…my dread wants one, as well as maybe my carrier. I do need a third shield one for the Rorq though…

Seems like ccp is putting the capital ancil reps in the same situation the small ancil reppers were at not all that long ago.

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I’ve been hacking in null and wh for 3 years, and only ever found 1 bpc. They’re very rare.

They drop in 1 more place

Where, NBC anom? Wh’s?

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