Small Ancillary Armor Repairers - Question

Hello CCP, I wanted to inquire about why the recent changes came to Tranquility where a significant boost for an unspecified amount of time to Small Ancillary Armor Repairers, were increased significantly from Pirate Faction NPC’s, and to ask why CCP is being vague in the time frame or the drop percentage change.

I’m asking this because just on the 12th I purchased 10 bpc’s that had 50 runs each from a very well known individual in the blue print channel, he was saving up for some time, it does make me wonder if he knew the changes were coming and offloading but that’s another story.

I had purchased these bpc’s expecting to make only 500k per run, to some that’s not much but to me it was a good guaranteed profit business decision. However just two days later I discovered the prices have literally been crippled by 40% due to a change that CCP implemented.

I’m sure I’m not the only person vested billions into these products only to face massive losses, and hoping for a market uptick once your “Mini event” ends.

My main question to CCP is why the secrecy behind how long it will last, shouldn’t we be allowed to know so we can anticipate the market? Also what’s the driving force, was it simply because CCP felt like more Small Armor Ancillary Repairers need to be in game? And if that’s the case shouldn’t CCP really make these notices a good two weeks to 30 days ahead of time so ALL players understand the changes and how it will effect the market, so they are not left wondering where 500 million isk went one day when they login to eve.

It also begs the question if it is about wanting more to be in game to drive the price down to match other ancillary repairers, why does CCP feel they have the right to do so? I know I know it’s your game, but it’s literally the current equivilant if God showed up one day and Told the planet, I’ve decided to introduce 40% more gold and it’s easily accessable, gold drops down to nothing over night, which is what has happened here.

I guess I want to know the motivations behind the change, why the secrecy in how long the mini event will last, and what increase percentage it actually was. Because right now the trend on the market going downward, will likely hit 1.5m before the week is out, from the 6.5m it was prior to this event and that means incredible losses for me, and I also want to know why CCP wasn’t responsible enough to announce something this massive (I know its not massive to you) but it is to many many explorers, why you didn’t announce it ahead of time? LITERALLY the only good thing from Null/Low sec data sites were these Ancillary Repariers, now we’ve to suffer with garbage and stick to just relics.

I highly recommend that you guys figure out how to make data cans better, The PoS’s bpc’s are old and expired, no one pays for them anymore, the meta 6-9 bpc’s have far few too runs and you find them far too commonly to have any value and are only found in sleepers.

Make Data Cans Great Again.

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Update Note: As of last night the buy orders dropped another 400k isk per, bringing them down to 3m. By the time all mine are done cooking they will likely be at 2m or less per which 500 of them at 2m versus 5.4-6m per is a massive loss in profit.

Why do you do this? Why do you change things and keep the actual numbers vague? The speculation on what % drop on the Faction BPC’s lead the rattlesnake doubling in price, even though I guarantee you didn’t cut them in half.

We need CLEAR concise answers, not “Significant” and “until the stocks are replenished” I’m hurting a lot right now because I’m out 1.5 billion isk, not just in profit but actual isk I spent on these, and I will only recover 1b at this rate, while I should of made 250m isk I’m losing 1.5b… I am incredibly upset.

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small aars are important in the frig pvp meta, having them cost 10m a pop is way too expensive as many of these ships can be flown by new players and having one mod that costs more than the rest of the ship and fit together just doesn’t make sense. People have been calling for an increased drop rate for a while now.

the increased drop rate was in the patch notes, and those have been out a few days at least (patch was on the 11th, so at least that long). So yea they probably knew about it. I had some buy orders up that I greatly reduced when I saw the patch notes

CCP makes changes that move markets all the time, if you were unaware, well welcome to eve


They were NEVER 10 MILLION a pop, they were 6.4m at max, and I don’t want to hear this an excuse to manipulate an entire market. “Lower the prices so more people can afford them” how about we just start reducing everything that an Alpha clone can use let’s make 1/3rd of the game useless. This argument that they were too expensive is garbage, this is a player ran game with player ran prices. Don’t like it go play World of Warcraft, you’re also not CCP so I don’t care what you have to say to be honest.

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Also the whole “Making data cans worthless” Is now an Issue, I run sites for at least 8 hours a day CCP can verify this, I find dozens of data and relic sites a day and the data sites are not worth it. For someone who has been playing since 2008 and I can only make 1-8m on average per data site is a joke, exploration is a serious career choice, and its more dangerous then any other career choice out there, even more dangerous then direct pvp.

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[quote=“Chainsaw_Plankton, post:3, topic:10469, full:true”]CCP makes changes that move markets all the time, if you were unaware, well welcome to eve


These numbers from Jita:

2017.06.19 00:00:00	411	1,072	7,400,000.00 ISK	8,295,949.80 ISK	8,095,899.95 ISK
2017.06.20 00:00:00	385	1,192	7,100,010.13 ISK	8,095,899.91 ISK	8,095,887.96 ISK
2017.06.21 00:00:00	410	1,692	9,099,998.99 ISK	13,369,989.67 ISK	10,001,002.09 ISK
2017.06.22 00:00:00	424	3,906	9,600,000.46 ISK	11,994,978.05 ISK	9,902,000.05 ISK
2017.06.23 00:00:00	407	1,667	8,912,361.73 ISK	10,000,000.00 ISK	9,989,979.27 ISK
2017.06.24 00:00:00	461	1,263	9,000,013.01 ISK	9,999,992.94 ISK	9,998,998.00 ISK

That’s almost a month ago. Much different now I think.

You’re whining thinking from your point of view. Think about this: if CCP published and everybody had EXACT answers, you’d still be hurting, simply because others can get into the game sooner after reading the news than you, or because they have more ISK to play markets with than you. You need to think from an MMO / “the whole market” point of view.

Why doesn’t CCP give the EXACT counts or live notifications of where PVP happens, on the map? Don’t you think it would be extremely useful for “victims” of PVP, to have accurate data and not walk into an ambush because the map said “0 ships killed in the last 30 minutes”? Why doesn’t CCP reveal the names of the buyers and sellers in the market interface? Wouldn’t that be useful for the market competition? Why doesn’t CCP make D-scan keep automatic updates, why is probing so damn convoluted, why do we still not have an automatic estimate of the worth of a ship’s cargo when you scan it? Why doesn’t the overview color-code the ships you see based on how dangerous they are to your ship (after all, the rock-paper-scissors relationships between the ships are well advertised and well known)?

It’s called skill at playing the game, and CCP’s giving out incomplete information specifically so we can pretend we have some skill. So that people who guess correctly win, and you lose when you guess incorrectly.

That’s why.


prices have been variable over the last month. Due to the low supply it was easy for someone to buy out the market. Sure they have mostly been in the 5-7.5m range over the last 90 days, but there were spikes where the average was 10m. I traded a bunch in the 6-9mil range at the start of the month, and if it weren’t for the announcement of CCP boosting the drop rate I could easily see them going back up to 10m or even higher.

and yea data sites suck, they have sucked for a while, CCP tried to buff them once or twice, but they still seem not worth it.

different now sure, but that is thanks to direct intervention by CCP.

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Funny you say whining, and from my point of view. of course it’s my point of view, who else’s point of view would it be? You liberals act like it’s wrong to have an opinion it’s laughable.

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Exactly, it was manipulated by CCP directly the vagueness of why, and how long it’s going to last is a HUGE issue.

Since I couldn’t get a reply with in a reasonable amount of time from a GM or a Dev which is ridiculous I am just going to assume, they are going to keep it in the rate it is until the prices drop below 1 million each, which is what I assume their goal is, which is total bullsht.

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I highly recommend explorers hoard these bpc’s in direct defiance of an over reaching development team.

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Not true, just a couple weeks ago they were hitting 12m in Rens

He didn’t say anything to indicate his political stance.


This new trend of using ‘liberal’ as a generic insult is amusing.

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more like wait for the event to be over and cash in when prices go back up.

also pointing out your view is flawed is not the same as saying it is wrong to have an opinion.


I suppose if playing the markets was easy and you won every time and information was always complete everyone would do it and then what would happen to the overall market?

You lost this time, it happens to all some times. Suck it up, don’t whine.

Doesn’t have to be some sort of conspiracy with insider information from ccp as you implied. Perhaps others were simply better and/or faster at gleaning relevant info from available sources. Occam’s Razor, friend. Caveat Emptor.

OP, You say “you’re also not CCP so I don’t care what you have to say” . So you expect CCP only to directly address your market loss in your complaint post on the EvE general discussion forum? I see. One does wonder how many times the CCP devs have in their heads wanted to reply to whine threads like yours with your own words; “Don’t like it go play World of Warcraft”.


buy them and hoard them yourself

@ Khara
Welcome to commodities market speculation. CCP (and everyone else for that matter) has no obligation to ensure you make a profit from your speculation. If there was no losing, eve would be a shitty game; this also extends to the economic sector.
Sounds like you were late to the saar party; the prices of saars has been discussed a lot over the past few months, it was pretty obvious devs were going to take action.

I think the bigger issue here is how you bought a 50 run saar bpc only expecting to make 500k isk from the run; given the falling saar prices, the discussion on the forums, and the people that could read the writing on the wall so they decided it was time to unload the bpc before they were basically worthless- well, sounds like you are just salty that you are bad at speculation.

Go rat; 500k isk is less than one bounty.

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It’s not market speculation to assume that a product isn’t going to be trifled by the development team just to reduce the market price. That is direct influence into an in game economy because they want to see the item price reduced so more alpha’s can use them. They literally destroyed an entire economy by nearly 70% in one product by massively introducing more of them. It’s insanity. It’s unethical.

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